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Pacific Life Chiropractic First Visit Assessment

We are a caring, happy team of people dedicated to helping you feel good while also improving your quality of life.

Children are always welcome and we have a play area for them to enjoy.

We pride ourself on being very thorough at Pacific Life Chiropractic. There are a few forms to fill out, however, they can be downloaded from the website and filled out in the comfort of your home.

At your first visit you will be greeted warmly and welcomed.

You will initially have a consultation with Dr. Gregory. He will listen to your problems and concerns. If Dr. Gregory believes chiropractic care can help you, he will then proceed with a thorough examination. The examination includes state of the art computer technology, which help to detect and pinpoint nerve interference and the current health of your spine. The thorough examination also includes various neurological, orthopedic, and chiropractic tests. Depending on the findings of your examination, you may require further tests or x-rays. We do not x-ray in our office but refer out to a radiology facility close by. Please allow around 35-45minutes for this visit.

On your Second Visit it we will explain the results of the exam and our findings.

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